Monday, May 2, 2016

My mood on this ugly day

I'm about done with pretentious people, with people who think they're better than everyone, with anyone who can't humble themselves and ask for help or be a little less judgemental and talk to someone they think is "beneath them" I'm sick of the Trumps of the world, the Clintons and the Cruz's. I don't wanna hear you preach about Christianity and peace and in the same breath contradict it all. As a Christian, I'm sick of the reputation you give us. We're not all like you, bigoted and judgey. I know a lot of us who know to judge someone else while you stand there imperfectly is one of the single stupidest things to do. Who laugh at people like you that think they have that right. 
I'm sick of stuck up. Of so funny people don't see how much of an ass hole you are. I'm sick of watching people who've literally been handed everything from opportunity to money to anything their heart desires getting credited as hard working or self made. While the people who work, the people who will probably die younger from the work they do, the people who built the corporations for the CEOs, the people who struggle week to week and can't catch a break, get overlooked and underpaid and underappreciated. While we fall lower and lower on the scale of wealth and instead of acknowledging the hard work they do. They're called lazy. 
"Should have gotten a degree"
 "why did you go to college if you couldn't afford it?" 
"No one will hand you anything in life" 
But you were handed everything. You are so out of touch with real life you can't ever remember that without the "little people" you'd have nothing. Without all the people you stepped on and tore down you'd be nowhere. 
I'm sick of two faced, out of touch, couldn't get back down to earth if we filled your pockets with lead weights instead of all the money you get paid to shit on us. I'm sick of hearing how wrong I am as a woman if I don't agree with this woman. That is not femminism. You are being lied to. This is a woman who doesn't give a shit about your rights, your safety or your health. Who are you to lie to the "little people"? What makes you think you are so much better than us? If you're lying this much now I can't imagine you anywhere in a position of power. The people you think you're connecting with are laughing at you. If you'd come down from that pedestal you might see what the world actually looks like and how stupid you sound.  You cannot stand there and tell me anything. I will not blindly follow you or anyone anywhere. 
I want to see more people who care. More people who do the same things in secret or quiet as they do when people are watching. I was more people with integrity and consistency. More people like me who can make life better for people like us. People who know the right people but also know the real people. I want more peace. More life. More health. More educated opinion and less follow the crowd because it's easier. If you've worked breaking your back all your life, why take the easy way now? Why not want better for the people coming next? 
I want to come from a country other countries recognize as a world power, as progressive, as educated, as a country not so afraid of their own government conspiracy is more like common knowledge and the rights laid out in our official document about our country (our country's mission statement, if you will) are constantly challenged to the point that there are legitimate groups out there ready to take up arms and fight back. 
They don't see us that way. They see us as we portray our stupidest citizen. They see stereotypes the same way we do. Any nationality has good and bad ones. Wouldn't you like the good ones about Americans to outnumber the bad ones? I know I would. And I know it's possible. But in order to do it we can't continue to give attention to people who personify the worst this country has to offer. The greedy, the two faced, the arrogant, the "bible thumpers" and bigots. Why should they get 98% of the news, why should they get the publicity?
You cannot look down on milenials who want change when you've fought for that change all your life. What is a union? A group of workers fighting for better conditions for their brothers and sisters in that field. Union people do not stop fighting because they retire soon and don't care what it's like for the next group coming in. They keep fighting because it's the right thing to do. The way to fix this countries problems isn't by looking down on the next generation. Or by looking at people trying to fix it like they're crazy. 
It's simple.
If you don't want your kids and grandkids to be sent to war because that's the only way to afford an education. Stop sending them. Be informed and give the spotlight to people in power who want the same thing. WE THE PEOPLE choose those people. We have the power to change everything. 
If you want the homeless to have shelter and to get on their feet don't be greedy. Don't say your taxes pay for people like that to have "welfare" and you're sick of it. The smallest portion of your taxes go to help those people. Less than $5 of your taxes go to that. Look it up. Educate yourself. 
You're afraid of taxes going up. They go up every year. And they should go up the same percentage for CEOs as they do for people making minimum wage. The poor should not get poorer, they should have a chance to move up in the world. 

If you want a better country, if you want a better life for the generations to come, you need to look at the big picture. Things will not change if  the people who can change them do not change.

Obviously this was a post about Trump, Clinton, Cruz and Bernie Sanders. But without the names things seem a lot more obvious. If you're voting for Trump because you won't change parties, are you stupid? If you're voting Clinton because she's a woman, are you stupid? If you're voting Cruz because he has "values" ARE YOU STUPID?! 
Look at them without the names. Look at what they want, look at their past, look at the consistency, look at who's fighting for you and who's fighting for power. It doesn't get more obvious than that. 

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