Monday, April 25, 2016

When someone passes (poem)

When someone passes

Everyone says

"His smile brightened the world"

But yours really did.

And since you've been gone 
the world has truly been dimmer.
Everyone says

"He was an amazing friend"

But you really were.

When you were needed you always showed up.

Everyone says

"He was one in a million"

You weren't. 
You were one in 7billion.
There never has been and never will be another like you.

Everyone says

"Not a day goes by that losing him doesn't hurt"

But I honestly feel your absence every single day.

Everyone says
"He was taken too soon"

No matter how old you were it would have been too soon.

Everyone says

"Time heals"

But it doesn't. 
The hole you left behind isn't just going to close.

It's a wound that is ripped open every time I hear your name, a song, a word, a movie, anything that brings up a memory.

I just learn to hide it better every day.

Everyone says

A lot of things that fit

But none of them make it feel any better.

In loving memory, 
Now and always,
Brian Golden
8/5/92 - 12/22/12 

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